My Journey Wasn't Easy But I was Worth IT

No!! That's not a typo. The journey was far from easy but "I" was well worth it. When I first started my fitness journey I had no idea of what I truly was capable of accomplishing. In the beginning, I had to take it one hour at a time until the hours became days and the days became weeks and now years later I wouldn't change anything in the world. It was like my body was craving everything I vowed not to eat. Listen, I swear I ain't never have so many dreams about eating in my damn life. Weighing in at 305 pounds and my health deteriorating I knew that failing was no longer an option. I had to do whatever was necessary to succeed if not for myself, for my children. My nutritionist wanted me to begin meal prepping and she provided me a list of a WHOLE lot of foods to eat. Now a woman of my size and physique knew when she handed me that sheet of paper that if the food didn't make my taste buds dance I would be falling off this bandwagon before it even left the station. It is also a known fact that everyone loves a good salad here or there but no one wants to eat freaking lettuce every meal and I know from previous failed attempts not having a plan is an excellent way to set yourself up for failure. FACTS about me: I'm not good at sticking to meal prep, my kids need me, I have to make time for family time and date nights.

I had to come up with a fitness plan that fit my lifestyle and...That's just what I did!!! My Waist Trainer helped me to curb my appetite (not cravings). I found myself having to remind myself to eat. My husband started to make some recipes and sauces with some great affordable foods we were able to purchase right from the local grocery store. (I'll share more in my next blog post)

What's the most difficult part of YOUR fitness journey? Let us know and we will include some tips and tricks in one of our upcoming blog posts.

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