My Journey (Cont.)

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Let's talk about the hardest, best decision I ever made. Changing my EATING.

BA-BY!! When Oprah said "I love bread" I felt that in my soul. In starting my journey I knew that I would not be willing to give up certain things but I also understood that I had to learn to have them in moderation. Would you like some more good news?! I figured out that only having certain foods in moderation would also give me something to look forward to, almost like an incentive for doing what was necessary.

Let's me put this out there, I've always loved myself and I was happy with my overall self... it was them damn pictures that just weren't acting right (Good Lord- pics tell the truth). I remember looking at my pictures and just saying to myself "Who the hell is this". No, really I saw a picture on my husband's phone and didn't know it was me. I hit him with the "Oh you like big, big girls now?" Bitchhhhh, it was me (Go ahead, laugh it up). Time for a change when you get to the point that you don't recognize your own ass. In my own defense, I don't see it from that angle every day.


My first meeting with a nutritionist went a little something like this...wah, wah... wah, wah, wah. I heard nothing but you can't have this and you can't have that, which equated to "I can't do this, bye mam".

I came home and cried!! That was simply all I could do at that moment. I felt defeated, who could live with Canada Dry Ginger Ale, macaroni and cheese, and FREAKING BREAD, this lady is sick. A couple of days later I went back to see my nutritionist the second time and this time I had some questions and my husband was by my side.

Question 1

Can I be placed in a coma until I lose weight? No...okay

Question 2

Can you sew my mouth close and feed me via needle until I lose the weight? No...okay

Question 3

Do you honestly believe I can do this? The nutritionist and my husband assured me I could!!

Well, guess what??? I DID IT. ( More info in my next blog)

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