Day 1 Came More Than Once

Not only did day one come more than once but it took me 90 days to get to day 30 (Let me explain).

I tried, I failed, I tried, and I failed again. What I refused to do at this point in my life was to give-up. I made the final decision that there were things that I wanted to do with my children and husband that were not up for negotiation.


My Thoughts: if this mofo push down on this lap bar one mo time! Oh shit, he’s not stopping there. Now he’s calling over to the other over acting metabolism creatures to ask how many clicks he needs. (Six Flags Great Adventure)

After learning he only has one of the three clicks needed for a safe ride, In my most calm voice I could muster together…”Sir, let me off this Damn ride”

Now I have to take the thick-thigh walk of shame down the ramp.

First I knew I needed any, and everything I could possibly use to aid me in my journey "operation no-snacking". I put my first waist-trainer on three years as a suggestion from my husband and I have not looked back since. Funny Right!! (He had a lot of nerve)

In my very early days of waist training I noticed the waist trainer helped me to forget to eat which was exactly what I needed. I felt full for longer periods, which was a HUGE help in my success. I also decided that when I did snack I would use items from the list that was provided by my nutritionist instead of my usual go-to snacks. I think it's also important for me to add that I couldn't do cheat days in the beginning of my journey. Not because it wasn't allowed but because I just was not disciplined enough to handle one day of cheating. For me, I noticed that the one day would turned into one week and before I knew, I would be on Day 1 for the fourth time in three weeks. (Sound Familiar)

The waist-trainer assisted me the same way it does helps to curb my appetite and it helps me to burn belly fat simply put. I encourage ladies to find what works for you and to keep going. My journey started for my children and husband but TU-DAY this shit is personal...It's Fa Me!!

JUMP BABY...You DID that GIRL and I love you for it.

Great Adventure Update: 3 clicks BA-BY and still thick wit it

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